Monday, September 27, 2010

Are you going to the One Nation March on Washington October 2?

Ed Schultz is about to kick Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the Tea Party's butt on October Second. In one corner, The Republicans have Rush and Beck, in the other corner, Rachel and Ed. You can see modern American diversity, and the lack of it, just in the comparison. (Video)
I am an Ed Head, and I support the March. What do you mean you don't know about Big Ed and the March.

Let's Go to the Video Tape

This march, unlike the Beck, let's use MLK to attack African Americans and fire up the Confederate Party, that drinks tea march, the crowd will look different. This middle class march on Washington, will look like America. Every stripe in America will be fully represented, hundreds of thousands are expected. and they don't have to tell psycho's not to bring signs.
The One Nation March will show the Confederate Party, that drinks tea march, for what it really was, as small tea party. I predict the Union, NAACP, Ed march will be the turning point in this election. I have Republican friends who are sick to their stomach about the psycho talkers taking over their party and they want it back. Many of these moderate Republicans and independents will go to the polls in November to vote Democratic, as a Tea Party protest vote.
We have serious issues in our Nation and we need serious Culturally Healthy leaders and voters working on them. We need to focus on Jobs,China and ending the Israeli/Palestine war.
Let me go public, I support the Republican Tea Party Protest Vote. I predict it will send a shot across the bow of the party and end the Republican Civil War.
Will you be at the The thriller in manila Oct 2?
Do you support The one Nation March?

Original Story: my MSNBC/Newsvine News Column with Poll and original discussion.

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