Thursday, September 09, 2010

75% of the Americans Will Be Obese by 2015, African Americans are in Worst shape

Yes, your right, this is not a Culturally Healthy or Physically Healthy picture, neither is the research behind it.

Researches have revealed that in 2003 and 2004, 71 % of the adult men and 67 % of the adult women in the US were overweight or obese, with an obese adult population of 33 %. The number of Black Americans is even higher: about 80 % of black women aged 40 or over are overweight and 50 % are obese.

Improving your cultural health includes physical health. If we Americans do not manage our physical health, we will not have to worry about our National Cultural Health, as we may not be hear to enjoy it.

If you want a reason to go to the polls in November and elect a Democrat, this is one more reason. The President and the Dems have moved on Health Insurance reform with some focus on prevention. The First Lady has launched her lets move program to help our children. On the other hand we have Anti-Vitamin McCain and the Confederate Party, that drinks tea (Republicans) opposed to getting Americans more healthy.

The Republicans are counting on us not showing up at the polls in an off year election. Let's prove them wrong again, we Americans do know what time it is. We do want each other to enjoy better health.

Original seed and discussion at my news column
Newsvine - 75% of the Americans Will Be Obese by 2015 - 33% already are - Softpedia

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