Thursday, September 23, 2010

We Need the Dems Preemptive Health not Republican Preemptive War

Corporate Democrats will do the same thing as corporate Republican that are locked into MediPlex. The key to cutting Health cost is improving American's health. Bill Maher makes the case for Preemptive Health in in this short clip (Video).

Bill says and I agree, "...We can't stop being sick unless we stop making our selves sick..." He also put out a very interesting insight into Hillery Clinton and Corporate Democrats.
The preventive elements of Health Insurance Reform that went into effect yesterday is a start on preemptive sick care that is, detecting sickness early in its symptom stage. Now we need to empower the president to go further to a new actual preemptive health care like mandating that allopatic doctors be allowed recommend  a multi-vitamin and other supplements to prevent sickness.

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