Thursday, September 30, 2010

President Bill Clinton's Weight Loss Secret

President Bill Clinton and I are the same age But our health and fitness level is very different why? Take a look at Bill and I then tell me what you think the difference is (Video)

That was Bill and here are some shots of me, hit the link and tell me what you think?

Lets go to the Video Tape

No wise guy, the answer is not that he is White and I am Black. There are two things we have in common, we both have a protean drink in the morning. Here is my LifeRcise "Morning FreeThree". The first thing I do when I leave my bed is have a Glass of water. The second thing I do is have my second glass of water with my supplements. Then I do my morning LifeRcise afterwards I have my third glass of liquid, fresh juice from my juicer with a scoop of 25 grams of protean powder (My power Protean Drink). My protean drink is my breakfast, often I will add an Organic V8 type premixed drink that comes in a glass jar (no plastic).

We should all drink at least eight glasses of water a day. The name FreeThree comes from the fact that you will note that I have had the first three of my eight glasses of liquid and I have not left the house yet. So I think of my first THREE as FREE.

Fitness and wellness will depend to a large extent on the images we carry in our bio-computers (Mind). I don't see how I can drink eight glasses of water a day, is one image. The other is the FreeThree. What image program is running in your bio-computer.

Now back to the original question, What do you think the difference in Bill and I are? I will give you a hint I have not had a hart bypass and Brother Bill has.

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