Thursday, September 23, 2010

Key Health Care Reform Changes Start Today: Are You Affected?

Some of the things we've learned to really dislike about our health insurance plans and companies will start vanishing today because of the new health care reform law approved this past Spring. (Video)

This is why I hired this President, spread the word CHANGE is starting. A corporation is a privilege extended by the people and managed by its government. When governments think they are governments unto themselves then we the people will step in and correct their error. It is folly for them, or their water carriers, to believe they have the same rights a people.

If we want to keep these positive health insurance reforms, we have work to do in the November elections.

Elect no Republican for 100 Years, starting Nov 3ed

Source: Newsvine - Key Health Care Reform Changes Signed By President Obama Start Today: Are You Affected?

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