Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AA President Elected, Republicans Turn to Witches and Satan

 If Obama said he was a Witch and worshiped Satan or anything like that, no Democrat could go near a camera without being asked about Party Witchcraft and Satanism support. (Video) How did this get off the corporate news front pages?

The Taliban Christian Christine O'Donnell indicates she will throw Jews and Blacks under the bus. OK now, you think I have made and over statement. Trust me, anyone who's Cultural Anti-Humanism would cause them to give Jews up to Hitler would not hesitate to give of Blacks up to slave catchers like the KKK (Klu Klux Klan). 

Any Republican foolish enough to drag out the distraction tactic of the old "Socialism" boogie man, should be asked about Republican Satanism.

Did you see these videos, you can't make this stuff up. My Republican friends who are still standing, if you are going to march to restore honor. For the love of God, you must march to restore honor to your party, by purging the Taliban Christians, Satan candidates and the Confederate Party, that drinks tea from your ranks.

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