Sunday, September 12, 2010

President Utilizes 911 to Invent a New Cultural Health Phrase, It's Just us.

In the President's first speech since May, he said many important things about the American economy to set the stage and fire the first serious round in the November electoral battle. But from a National Cultural Health point of view, his most important words of wisdom were cultural and came at the very end of the speech. (Video)

Listen to how this new Cultural Health Lexicon gets into American language.

Let's go to the video tape

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Our President is a nice guy and there are somethings he will not say, I don't have that restriction.

Partly as a result of the Beck frontal attack on MLK speech day, by the new confederate party, that drinks tea, on all American cultural humanist. And partly as a result of the focused attacks they have mounted against Muslim Americans regarding a Muslim "YMCA" in Manhattan, not to mention one of their Taliban Christian minster's threatening to burn Muslim holy scriptures. The President had to once again plant the flag of TeamAmerica on high ground for all to clearly see.

Naturally, the President was reminding us of, and calling for the constitutional religious tolerance we all enjoy and that in many ways is unique to our Nation. However, IMHO, if you listen carefully to the last minute or so of his speech, you can hear words that apply to more then just religion. If every time the President says Muslim or Muslim American, you replaced those words with Jewish American, or Catholic American, His new Culturally Healthy phrase, "It's just us" would apply. In fact, if you substituted African American, or Native American, or Latino American, or any of the other ethnic groups on TeamAmerica, It's just us! would apply.

The Democratic battle cry for this November's election ought to be "It's Just Us". That is, remember Bush and the forty thieves, that sold us out (American Jobs) to China and India and bankrupt the Nation (Banks out of money), almost causing a depression here and worldwide. It was US that woke up and threw the bums out, and "it is just U.S.", that must keep the bums out on November, as we continue to rebuild our economy and produce more jobs at home first. Be American, Honor all Americans, Buy American!

The President has set the major serious discussion point to start this election season, and now, it is just our turn to act.

I think Muslim Americans are Americans just like you and I, we need to keep our eyes on the economic prize, what do you think?

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