Friday, October 15, 2010

LED Vs. CFL Light Bulbs - Which is Better for a Green Future?

The Old incandesent bulbs use a lot of energy, get hot and burn out fast. CFL replaces them mainly because they use 1/3 less power, run cool to the touch and last much longer. The problem is they contain mercury (toxic substance). LED's are a new green hope for the future. (Video)

Let's go to the Video Tape
Light Bulbs 101

I have an LED flash in my Iphone 4, works great and doubles as a flash light that uses virtually no power and will probably out live me. Here is a link to some more info on LEDs. Look at the last video, guy doing in home live testing and talking.

I use CFL's now house wide. I know a local designer who made them with negative Ion Emitters built in. Naturally, I get a great wholesale price. Initial LED price will be an issue for many. However, if price is not an issue LED's are the way to go. If Green is your focus, then LED's at any price is the way to go.

Radio free you have convinced me to start test driving LED's. You are responsible for me putting an LED in one of Cultural Health Resource locations.


Chris Jones said...

There is more to choosing "the best" lighting than energy efficiency and whether the lights contain toxic metals. Quality of light can affect people's health.

CFLs flicker. Some people have trouble with the flicker even though we can't consciously perceive it. For example, when I get a migraine, that flicker can transform it from bad to debilitating.

LEDs don't flicker and don't emit UV. The quality of white light from them isn't great yet, but I have seen pre-patent LED lighting in the lab that solves the light quality and intensity issues. I am eager to see that become available to buy!

I'm rattling on here, sorry. If you'd like to know more, please visit my NextGenLite blog.

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LED Bulb said...

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