Monday, October 04, 2010

Glenn Beck Says It Was Good to Enslave Black People

Just when you think you have heard it all, Beck and the Confederate party, that drinks tea, proves you wrong once again.
According to beck, slavery was not really evil and bad until the government stepped in to regulate it. 
Just in case there was anyone left that thought Beck's Restore Honor rally was about God, honor or any other good things for this county's future, say uncle, I didn't here you, louder pls.

Listen to his words, if you don't believe his words, believe his Pictures.  Ed Schultz calls Limbaugh and the teanuts psycho talkers. Ed is a kind man. I think it is more accurate to call them Cultural Terrorists that operate in a psychological range just short of criminally insane.  
You have to give Beck credit for one thing. He knows how to make Monday morning news, by giving his confederate supporters something to talk and cheer about, and pulling the progressive's chain into another major distraction discussion.
Also see what happens when the the good American Sleeping Giant Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck.
Let's Go To the Video Tape!
Let this be the last time. The next time someone say' Beck or Tea Party to you say Beck said, "...It was good to enslave Black People..." and walk away. Everyone ought to know who Beck is by now.
Back to the business at hand, how do we create jobs and reinvent America after the Bush/Republican Recession/Depression? Don't get angry get even, see you at to polls in November. Trust me, this is not the election to stay home on!

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