Saturday, October 02, 2010

Ed Schultz Speaks at the One Nation Rally

Big Ed gave a fiery speech at the One Nation Working Together Rally in Washington D.C., Ed speaks for many in this land who can not speak for themselves.

Fox was the first up on YouTube with a video news report. You will notice they did not mention Ed. All the pictures seem to be of the early crowd, now I could be wrong. I am an Ed Head and Ed did a good job, see my summery below.

We did not get all that we wanted in the first two years, but we must go to the polls in November. We are Pro people not corporations. The other side is pro profit and anti people. We will get universal health care, we will create jobs. Public Education is open to all. Our union brothers and sisters we must stand up against the forces of evil, the conservatives. God Bless America and our troops.

If you don't know Ed or watch his show on MSNBC you should he is a man of the people and on point most of the time. He is the anti-Beck/Limbaugh and God knows America needs one.

Rev. Al also gave a good speech that hit important points about where we are, and what must be done as we connect as One Nation. I will link it here if someone puts up or points out a clip.

Black Ice also did a remarkable poetic job.

All in all the rally was excellent. I think they had 1/2 million to 1 million on the ground in Washington and many hundreds of thousands at One nation rally's and house gatherings around the country. The progressives are alive and well and will show up at the polls in November to kick but.

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Aunk said...

If ethnic diversity is the measure which, in your opinion was the more culturally Healthy rally, the Beck honor rally or the Ed Labor rally?

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