Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Al Sharpton Lin McCluskey Speak at One Nation Rally

The One Nation rally was billed as the Big Ed Labor Rally, the antidote to the Beck corporate rally. I think Lindsay and Al stole the show. Listen to them speak about education, the November mid term exam and connecting the biblical American bones. (Video)

Now I'm and Ed Head, and Ed is doing a fine job in keeping Jobs and Buy American on the front burners of our Nation. But if someone asked me who gave the better speech, Ed or Al, I might say Al. What would you say?

Seriously, we must compare who said what at the Labor rally and the corporate rally, if we are to make an informed judgement in November, as to how the Nation's agenda must move forward. Beck quoted the bible and told those assemble to "pick up a stick". I just heard Rev. Al quoting the bible and paint a picture for those assembled of a connecting American people of every stripe into One Nation working together.

As I vote in November, I have to ask myself, do I want Americans connected or carrying sticks. How do you answer that question for yourself?

The day after the march there was a bogus Cultural Anti-humanist One Nation YouTube Channel put up. The real One Nation YouTube channel is up now and you can hear any of the speakers you might have missed on this channel. Everyone did a good job and now we must keep the 10-02-10 call to action in play to 11-02-10

Who was your favorite speaker at One Nation and why?

Al Sharpton Lin McCluskey Speak at One Nation Rally

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