Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Obama on Separation of Church and State

Obama knows his religion. He explains why America must have separation of Church and State. I layout the case for separation of Corporation and State (Video)

The President's words of clarification and edification regarding "separation", are particularly instructive as we move into the November 2010 midterm elections, with Republican extremest like O'Donnell, the Tea Party and their "Christian Nation" code, trying to blur and in some cases erase these traditional separations.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

In summary, we are a multi-ethnic nation and a multi-religious nation. All Americans could not, and would not, agree on what a state religion should be, unless by coercion. Therefore we have separation of Church and State, so that the historic evils of "Religion" do not creep in and corrupt the government of the people.

Government's role is to protect and provide for the general welfare of the people. Religion's role is to provide for the spiritual development of its members. It is wise not to let one interfere with the other in modern day America.

I assert that the same principles that govern Separation of Church and State should govern Separation of Corporation and State, for the same reasons. That is, so the historic evils of "Corporations" do not creep in and corrupt the government of the people. An example of this is, the disgraceful Republican Supreme Court Ruling that Corporations have the same rights as human beings.

We must correct this monetary corrupting evil by constitutional amendment. I therefor propose The Separation of Corporation and State constitutional Amendment as follows.

Amendment XXVIII v1.2

Separation of Corporation and State

Purpose: To prevent criminal interference in the Electoral process as set forth in the constitution of the United States of America.

Section 1. Any attack or other interference in the electoral process by a foreign entity, Government or multi-national government (Corporation) is an act of war against the people of these United States. Any person or organization adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort shall be deemed to have committed treason.

Section 2. All officers are personally liable for the actions of the corporation. They can not buy "officers" insurance or engage in any other scheme to defraud section 1.

Section 3. Corporations are not human beings and do not have the rights of humans

Section 4. Corporations can not spend one red cent on any political activity.

Section 5. All the votes of every voter must be counted in Federal Elections.

Section 6. Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

1. Do you agree in principle?

2. How would you add or subtract from Separation of Corporation and State?

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