Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Guilty of Treason?

The President raises and important question about the United States Chamber of Commerce. Are they taking money from foreign company's and/or governments to subvert the American political process? (Video)

First you should understand that the deceptive name, United States Chamber of Commerce, might lead you to believe it is part of government, it is not. It is the largest lobbying organization in the Nation. And has nothing to do with the government despite the "United States" in its trade name.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

The President has said, as reported on Hardball, "..two groups funded and advised by Karl Rove.....Just this week, we learned that one of the largest groups paying for these ads regularly takes in money from foreign sources. So the question...is, are you going to let special interests from ...maybe places beyond our shores ... tell us who our Senators  should be? That's not just a threat to Democrats but our democracy.

This brings up the question of Corporate Chamber of Commerce Treason, IMHO. The President has raised a flag that something is rotten in Denmark. Here is the DNC's first Chamber of Commerce Treason Ad. We must demand that the full financial records of the Chamber of Commerce be sent to a federal judge. If they have taken money from foreign corporations or governments and used that money to subvert the American voting system, they must be tried for treason.

The ultimate solution is for us to pass, what I am calling the Separation of Corporation and State constitutional amendment. I.e. no corporation can spend one red cent on lobbying or any political activity. This is the action needed to undue the treasonous damage done to our political process by the now disgraced Bush Supreme "Court".

This is a very important reason for our fellow Americans to go to the Polls in November and insure that the TeamAmerica we elected has the power to make this happen. Noting less then our democracy itself is at stake.

Tell the DOJ: Investigate the Chamber of Commerce

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