Saturday, October 09, 2010

Meet Tea Party Loyd Marcus Cultural Traitor

African American Loyd Marcus is caught on tape By CNN committing  Cultural Treason. Like Clarance Thomas, every American, especially AA's, should know him on sight and treat him accordingly. (Video)

The Black person who is obviously and African in America is suffering from an overdose of Cultural Poisoning. Some will say that he simply sold out for money or fame. I disagree, while that is one reason for treason, Mr. Marcus goes far beyond this in standing with individuals like the woman in the video with the monkey insult to his ethnic group. He has also made a Athem song for the Confederate Party, that drinks tea.

Mr Marcus gets the Cultural Dishonor Award for October, 12,010 ASD, so let it be written.  The punishment for AA Cultural Treason is traditionally to be ostracized from the larger African community.  Mr. Marcus joins other award winners know to our community like Clarance Thomas, Armstrong Williams etc.

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