Monday, January 24, 2011

Black Man Hanged: Was This Suicide or Lynching?

Frederick Jermaine Carter: Was This a Suicide or a Lynching? (Video)

The black community in Greenwood, Miss., is on edge and angry after the death of Frederick Jermaine Carter (pictured) who was 26 years old and found hanging from a tree in what authorities have labeled to be a suicide.
Warning: Do not proceed if you are culturally sensitive, shocking picture ahead.

Hate Group Numbers Up By 54% Since 2000 science Bush Republicans took over Washington

 Southern Poverty Law Center 

Let's Go To the Video Tape

Would I drive 100 miles to an all White town to hang myself, NO! where is that rope  from, Greenwood? What is that powder, Have the local law enforcement been tested by professionals for symptoms of Cultural Poisoning up to and including criminal insanity?

How come this happened in 2010 and I did not find out about it until a month later in 2011? Where was/is the MSNBC, CNN etc. Coverage? Where is the Federal Government, FBI, DOJ? How come the only video's on YouTube are from AA individuals in the south? Where is the follow up? NAACP, Urban League, ? The nation of Islam seem to have carried the story but is that it?

I emailed my congressmen and Senators to get the feds involved. What will you do, what else should be done.

Mississippi Burning Trailer  Never Again!
Read more at Substantial discussion here. 

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Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect, We know the historic cultural orientation of Greenwood Mississippi, what is the political orientation of this town.

Republican? Part of the Palin or Beck mob. Tea Party. These questions need answers by a serious investigative reporter.

Will this start another Mississippi burning?

There is something very fishy about this whole story and its lack of coverage.

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