Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin Uses Blood Libel Code to Activate Nazi and KKK in Her Mob

Many in the media are saying that Sarah, dumb as a rock, Palin used these words out of context, wrong. The speech was written for her by those that understand Cultural anti-humanism and she knew exactly what she was saying and to whom. (Video).

Most Americans of good conscience would not have the slightest idea what the phrase Blood Libel meant without looking it up, but Neo Nazi's and the Jewish American hating Klu Klux Klan would, and most Jewish Americans would. Congress Woman Gabrielle Giffords that Palin put in the gun cross hairs on her map is Jewish. These words were not coincidently chosen. This piece of Palin Cultural Poisoning is a Taliban Christian based direct attack on, and affront to, the Jewish American community. All Americans should reject Palin mob blood lust before it is too late.

Let's Go to the Video Tape

Yes, I know there is an 8 minute version, this was the critical part

To understand Teabonics you have to understand that what a bagger leaders says is the opposite of what they mean and then you must listen for the code, which are the instructions they are giving to the extreme Cultural anti-humanist in their mob.

Let me interpret what Arazona Massacre Palin actually said, to her mob, No I am not apologizing and you should not either. This is not a time to retreat this is a time to reload, this is our time, a time to take our country back. We got all 20 on the gun map by hook or crook. We sent a loud message in November and a loud message in January. Yeah and don't forget to vote in 2012 if anybody has the balls to run against us.

Remember this is the woman that Plantation John, anti-vitamin, McCain hired to bring life back to his destroyed campaign by juicing up the crazy's in the confederate party that drinks tea. This is the one who egged her Palin Mop on when they would chant kill him at her political rally's. This is the Palin that supports bringing guns to political rally's and the nation's capital. This is the Palin who went to speak at the Beck dishonor rally to attack African Americans. She is the same Palin that is for the Arizona hate state unconstitutional attack on Latino American citizens.

Criminally insane Cultural Anti-Humanist fighting to
Keep human beings enslaved. 

To understand Arizona Massacre Palin you must understand that she is an empty vessel like Ronald Reagan and Bush the torturer. But she is not as "smart" as Reagan and not yet as criminally insane as Bush, that we know of. Just like the other corporate Crack mules they will run her for President in 2012. To understand Palin you must understand the diffrence between a Cultural Humanist and Anti-humanist (Video). Which of the people in the two video's do you think she is most like?

I ran a piece at MSNBC/Newsvine about Fox, Hate radio. Big discussion about Palin ensued. I had hoped there might be a positive reaction to this wakeup call. There is, they have gotten worst.

Yes Sara Palin sticks to her guns and we should stick to our vote in 2012

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CleoPatra333 said...

You are correct. I believe that they do talk in CODE. Most people, when they heard the the words, Blood Libel, had to research the term, before commenting on it. When I first read Ms.Palin's rant, I believed, that the CODE meant,
Blood (y) Libel (erls).

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