Sunday, January 23, 2011

Limbaugh's Culturally Poisoned Attack on Asians caught on tape.

Rush Limbaugh on his radio show mocks President Hu Jintao and 1.5 Chinese. This is a huge Republican generated embarrassment of the United States. (Audio) 

Let's Go to The Audio Tape
From the January 19 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

I have not heard this type of racist "ching chong Chinaman" attack on Asians since I was a child. This is an attack on, not just the President of China, but a Culturally Poisoned insult against Chines and all Asians. What a disgraceful Republican slap in the face to our fellow Asian American brothers and sister. I have herd no Republican repudiate their fellow Republican Limbaugh's Asian insult.

How should Americans in general and African and Asians Americans respond. Don't get mad, get even in 2012. African Americans voted pro Democratic in 2008 at the 98% level. Asians need to register their disapproval of Republican support for Asian Cultural Poisoning by delivering a similar Democratic voting percentage in 2012.

TURN FOX OFF "bad news"

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