Saturday, January 29, 2011

Obama Gives Most Important High Tech Speech in Nation's History - Winning The Future

The most important thing to take place this week was the President's state of the union address. I am confident it will be marked as the most important high tech speech in the history of the nation. The speech was historic, not just because it set visionary goals from high speed trains to high speed Internet, but because it actually used new technology as part of the SOTU address for the first time in history. (Video)

The theme of the speech was winning the future. The President painted a clear picture of the present and wove a hopeful vision with specific goals for our future. How did the technology fit in, when the President said something that a visual could enhance a graph appeared next to the President. Example: when the President said we broke the back of the recession the fact check jobs graph showing job growth was there in clear support of his words. See the split screen shot from the video Below

I saw the speech without the fact check Power Point Presentation. In case you missed the high tech version of the speech here it is. What do you think, do the graphics add to the presentation or detract from it?

Let's Go to The Video Tape

Some have been concerned about the growing executive Power Point abuse, this is not what we saw. The graphics ran in parallel and is only activated were there is value added to the words. Nor was it the over done Ross Perot paper flip charts of the past. I think they hit just the right mix for the internet stream and present day computer literacy.

In addition, the President continued his open government initiative by making senior government officials available for the first time to answer SOTU questions from the citizens on Facebook and twitter. The President answered questions on Youtube and the Vice President answered questions on Yahoo. Wow, this is on top of them sending me the first DNC membership card I ever heard of in the mail. I carry it in my wallet as we speak. I also received email updates on SOTU leading up to speech day, Talk about a week of connecting Government to the people, I'm impressed. Click here to see how this worked.

The most important part of the speech that history will recall is, the part were like Kennedy in the 20th Century, Obama set America's goal for the 21st Century - Winning the Future - How? By out innovating, out educating and out building the world. 

My take home, along with the important vision and goals for our future, is the fact that with all our challenges  we are still by far the biggest economy in the world. I am joyful that I am an American citizen at this historic time. The President left me thinking of how I can contribute to our sputnik moment. During the first moon shot I made technology contributions. During this Green Moon Shot I will make health contributions. How about you?

We hired a smart guy to move our country forward. He is historically activating technology not just in his speeches and in his vision for our future but as a practical matter. On the ground he used the technology to make 1 million white House visits not secret, but public, lobbyist and all on line. I can follow most important White House activity on my portable communication device (Iphone) With my White House app. Last but not least, I will have access to my Veterans Electronic Medical Records as the President said. I have completed the online sign up and training and will do my in person authentication this Wednesday for even greater access to my Personal Health Record (PHR). See My HealthyeVet, imagine how health care will be improved when all citizens have access to their PHR.

To see each of the InfoGraphics without listening to the speech  Click Here



Aunk said...

Compare Republican use of technology
Republican response = No Technology use in vision or speech
Tea Party Response = No Technology use in vision or speech
One Republican used technology (twitter) for heckles during President's speech.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect folks. in returning to this visionary speech I have hammered out a personal mission statement that aligns with Our president's 21 century challenge to us Americans.

My contribution. innovative cultural Health and Physical Health Technology that will educate Americans on how to be more culturally and physically healthy so we can out build the world and win the future.

How does your personal mission statement align with the Nation's goals? What can you do for your country?

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