Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK: I Have A Dream Speech, InfoGraphic

President Obama is a great speaker, but who did he learn from? Many people have analysed Dr. Martin Luther King's I have a Dream Speech however, this infoGraphic reveals secrets that few can visualize without such a tool. (Video)

I have often said that Africans utilize English to speak African. There is no place where this is more visible then in the Call and Response sing song cadence of an African American Baptist Minster. The other place you see this is in the Metu Neter of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt). The ancient writing, IMHO, is the most complex and visual in recorded history. This ability to connect with man's spirit through metaphor is built into the writing and speaking of the shinny ones (ancestors) This legacy comes down to us in modern speakers who have learned the technology of connecting with the spirit of beings through sound.

Nancy Duarte, of California-based Duarte Design, does a masterful job of revealing some remarkable Cultural Communication Technology utilizing this famous American speech. Duarte, color-coded the bars to highlight different aspects of Cultural Technology (rhetorical devices)

1. Blue = repetition 2. Pink = metaphors 4. Orange = political references 3. Green = familiar literature and songs, from Scripture to “American"/African ideals

Let's Go to the Video Tape "N" Word Alert

I am sure you will agree that this is a most masterful and insightful presentation of the Cultural Technology that most of us African Americans see every Sunday morning that we are in church. From the smallest Black church in the South, to the Biggest in a big city like Chicago or New York. From King Tut to Garvey, King, Malcolm and Obama the cultural technology lives.

The Civil Rights Battle of my generation made this cultural technology visible to the broad American audience for the first time because of TV. Those of us living then remember the connection it made to America's better Angels.  Now let's revisit the King speech with new eyes.

Isn't it interesting the difference the new eyes of Cultural Technology can make in one's understanding of something you have heard many times before.

The next time you listen to your minster, listen with the new eyes in your spirit. President Obama's life has a destiny. He did not choose to understand and designate himself to be African American by accident. He did not go to one of Chicago's great churches and absorb Cultural Technology by accident. The next time you hear our President speak pay close attention. The next time you speak, pay close attention. Pay attention with your spirit.


MLK Day of Service: Part of the President's United We Serve initiative. This piece is my contribution.

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