Friday, January 07, 2011

Republicans Read Constitution Leave Out AA's and Women (Video)

Republicans first act in Congress is to read the constitution, OK. Wait, what did you say, they left out African Americans and Women. Oh, I get it, I think, they read the Republican version of the constitution.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Presses GOP to Read Slavery Language in Constitution

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Rep Jackson is a nice man and inclined to give folks the benefit of doubt like the President. However, I am of a mind that when people tell you who they are, listen. This is nothing more then a Tea Party (Teapublican) code to fellow cultural anti-humanists that they plan to "take the country back". Way Back to the early days of the constitution.

Is this a signal that this congress' mission is insurrection? I did a Poll at MSNBC/Newsvine and a majority of respondents felt that the bag house planed to shut down the government in its first year in control. 

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Monica Broad said...

Great post with video link.
I would like to know more from you, keep it up

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