Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steve Jobs' health - He Talks about his Birth, Love and Death

Mr. Jobs of one of my technology hero's. Pancreatic cancer and a liver transplant are tough things for a person to face. This video is a side of him I never new. (Video)

We know they have great products. I used the Iphone before there was an Iphone (Newton).They blew the quarterly earnings roof off the house with a record 6 billion. Everyone is asking about the Job's health but what about the character of the man. Well he gave a speech at Stanford that tells a lot about the man and how he looks at birth , love and death, surprising. 

 Let's go to the Video Tape

Job's is a computers for people visionary of the class of  Bill Gates and the modern technological father of them all Ken Olsen of Digital Equipment Corporation who I use to work for and they all learned from with his massively successful, world changing, mini computer in a time of Mainframes. 

All three visionary's were part of a team that nominated my organization and I for the Smithsonian Computerworld Awards (The Oscar's of Technology) back in the day so there is a special place I hold for Steve. I send him good energy for a speedy recovery. 

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Aunk said...

Don't just read talk back.

We know about Mr. Jobs' Computer literacy but what about his physical literacy. Their are doctors at the VA Hospital that can and are growing body parts from inter-cellular Material (ECM) that do not require rejection drugs as they are your own body parts. Does he know about this development and can they do kidneys? If anyone can afford to get this developing medical science used to his benefit it is Job's if he knows.

Imagine Job's back with a body part that he grew himself to announce Iphone 6. Wow, what a dual product announcement, It would blow the socks off the medical and technical industry, and change everything, again.

P.S. if somebody reading this knows Steve, get this to him.

God Speed Steve, Amen.

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