Friday, July 08, 2011

Black Man Arrested, Fired for Cashing His Check

I wish I could be so lucky as to have this happen to me. A job is the least of his worries from now on. Chase Bank has invented a new policy BWB (Banking While Black).

I would sue for 100 million, jury of my peers trial. I will settle for 10 million. My lawyer has already assured me a team of 10 lawyers signed up to get Justice from the banksters on this one.

Mr. Ikenna Njoku Cultural Literacy Minute AA's don't ask for apologies this is America you ain't getting one! We have a tried an true policy for dealing with Cultural Terrorist, don't get angry, get even.

There is nothing like the restoration of Ma'at.
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Black Man Arrested, Fired From Job For Trying To Cash Large Check

Ikenna Njoku is a black man who walked into his Chase bank to cash a check for $8,463 that Chase itself sent him as part of a tax rebate for being a first time home buyer. But per the rule, the teller found it suspicious the he was not poor or unemployed, and also black.
“She asked me what I did for a living,” Njoku said. “Asked me where I got the check from, looked me up and down—like ‘you just bought a house in Auburn, really?’ She didn’t believe that,” he said. So, Chase had him arrested.
The teller reported the check as a fake, which it was not, and THINGS SPIRALED OUT OF CONTROL. Hooray for post-racial America:

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