Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pandora Raido Reaches 100 Million Listeners

What does it mean when one radio station has 100 Million listeners. If I was a radio advertiser, it seems my first Ad dollar would now go to Pandora.

Does this change everything?

Everyone I know smart enough to get a smart phone has Pandora

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Pandora reaches 100 million listeners

Pandora will celebrate this milestone with a flashy -- and Flash-free -- redesign. Tech-news site Mashable reports it will be available to those 100 million users during the next few weeks, with subscribers to Pandora One -- a premium, paid service with no ads and higher-quality audio -- getting access first.

Internet radio service Pandora went public in June as part of a deluge of tech IPOs.

According to a news release on Pandora's blog, 36 million of those consumers are "monthly active users." It also said that in the past six months, Pandora has upped its market share of radio listening from 2.3% to 3.6%.


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