Saturday, July 09, 2011

Many Police Must Now Wear Body Cameras

for years I have been recommending that all cops be required to wear camera badges that are always on. Turning one off is cause for termination.. history has demonstrated that t there is a thin line between to many cops and criminals Cameras are good protection for cops and citizens.

The body camera is a step in the right direction.

Next step, any cop that does a crime, should get twice the time.

Now if we could only get lawyers and judges to ware body cams.

P.S. All citizens should carry cell phone cameras and video tape any of our law enforcement employees in the performance of their job for their protection and ours.

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Police say wearing video cameras offers protection

Oakland and hundreds of other police departments across the country are equipping officers with tiny body cameras to record anything from a traffic stop to a hot vehicle pursuit to an unfolding violent crime. The mini cameras have even spawned a new cable reality TV series, Police POV, which uses police video from Cincinnati, Chattanooga and Fort Smith, Ark.

Before hitting the streets, Oakland police officer Huy Nguyen's routine usually goes something like this:

Gun ready? Check. Bulletproof vest strapped? Check.

Body camera secured? Check.

Wait, body camera?


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