Friday, July 29, 2011

Native Americans Announce Major Motion Picture

There is an old African saying, when the lions learn to write the story of the hunt will be different.

Oneida Indian Nation Announces Major Motion Picture ‘First Allies’

wearing an auteur’s beret and sunglasses, and carrying a megaphone, Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter greeted an audience of 800 with a line sure to be heard in Central New York soon enough:

“Quiet on the set.”

Sid Ganis Ray Halbritter Alex Siskin
First Allies, a film based on the book Forgotten Allies, by history professors Joseph T. Glatthaar and James Kirby Martin, and financed entirely by the Nation. Executive Producer Sid Ganis, a former president of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, put it plainly: “We’re making a big movie and we’re making it here.

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