Sunday, July 03, 2011

Brown Eyed People Are Better then Blue Eyed People and Cultural Poisoning

One day in 1968, Jane Elliot, a teacher in a small. all white Iowa town, divided her third grade class into blue-eyed and brown-eyed groups and gave them a daring lesson in Cultural Poisoning (discrimination). This is the story of that lesson, it's lasting impact on the children and it's enduring power 30 years later.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Orwell's 1984 is the first book I read on how words can be used for mass population control. This is a good example of how Cultural Poisoning works. Children's minds are undeveloped so it is easier to induce Cultural poisoning Programs into their little bio-computers (minds).

The good news is, this also demonstrates that the programming can be changed. In our time President Obama has been a good Cultural Poisoning Change agent for many.

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