Monday, July 11, 2011

Google + May End The Facebook/Twitter Social Net Monopoly

This changes everything, not since the Iphone has there been so much hype about a new technology product.

P.S. if any of my readers have Google+, I am looking for one of those hard to come by invites. I am on Google as Rudy Aunk. Everyone needs a little Cultural Health in their circle. lol
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Introducing Google+: Why Facebook’s Monopoly and Twitter’s Heyday May Be Over
what’s currently shaking up the Internet is a new service created by the search giant Google, known as “Google+”. According to Google’s former CEO, it already has millions of users. That’s extraordinary for a service that’s only been active for 12 days.
google plus revolution
But what is Google+, and why is there so much hype? At first glance, it appears to be “like Facebook, but not Facebook”. On further examination, it provides so much more. Intrinsic to the service is the concept of “Circles”, a system where users organize the people they know into groups. While this seems fairly rudimentary in concept, the execution is superb. Rather than having one group of “friends” for every single person you know, as on Facebook, Google+ gives several categories to start with, and users can add more as they see fit. This allows the site to match users’ “real” social lives with their online interactions: rather than share that inappropriate joke with your parents and coworkers, you can post the message in your “friends” circle, where you know it’ll be taken the right way. This also prevents one of the main problems associated with having an online identity, the idea that potential employers could see your online profile and not like what they see.

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