Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Capitalism and Communism are Dead, What Now?

World War II Memorial and Washington Monument WWII MemorialThe anti-humanists have burnt these systems to the ground, now what do we the people do. In America we are in trouble housing is on fire, the financial segment is burning and the Automobile manufactures are melting down from the heat. What is next.

First we must understand that Capitalism and Democracy have been with us from the dawn of time, they are the natural way that humans live. In early high cultures in Africa we see examples of direct democracy were everyone in the nation had direct input to the national leader (Chief) on important matters of state. One also finds representative democracy in the clan system and council of elders (congress) national systems of old,some of which survive to this day, on the continent in the Americas and other parts of the world.

"Who Killed the Electric Car?" TRAILER edited in part by me.

We practice two forms of that original capitalism here in the West. Common Capitalism which is the original form more or less and Criminal Capitalism. As soon as you get 10 people living together capitalism naturally activates suppliers and consumers. That is, someone does chairs and someone does food and their useful production is common complementry capitalism. This common system is based on real human labor "work".

In criminal capitalism those who control capital (printed out of thin air, CDO's etc.) and supply, with out regulation by the people, rob the consumers blind. Communism is simply a system where the criminals are in the government instead of "private" industry. Bush and the forty thieve managed to put the criminals in both places so he produced the worst of both worlds pushing the country into recession headed for depression.

What do we do now. The auto maker meltdown is our first real test. The action will be left to the "O" Generation and will set the town for the future.

A car that runs 200 miles on compressed air.

My recommendation: we should Nationalize the big three auto makers for 10 years pressing them into national service. We should invest the 25 billion or what ever is needed with the following changes.

The Aunk Six point Auto Plan

1. Senior management is fired

2. New management is hired at half salary

3. The big three like in world war II will only make the -Green Three- Hybrids, Electric cars and cars that run on Air.

4. Half of the board of directors will be replaced by public representatives.

5. The companies must become transparent (Finance and process must be put on the internet in real time so I can see and interact with my investment).

6. The Big Three will be returned to the Private sector when 50% of the cars on the road are one of the green three or in ten years which ever comes first.

Last but not least in our videos we have the Hybrid

Chevy Volt Plug-In Hyrbrid Vehicle

Our Country is in a state of emergency not unlike the 1929 depression and WWII. We need to take similar dramatic action to change the direction of the ship of state. We need all hands on deck especially private industry. Let's roll up our sleeves get patriotic and get this carbon free job done.

What do you want to do?

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