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Obama Leads With African American Voters

Some have said that because Obama does not go out of his way to mention African Americans he will not help us, wrong. By helping everyone he will help us too. A rising tide lifts all boats.

African Americans for Obama

On March 31, 1870, Thomas Mundy Peterson (1824 - 1904) of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States, became the first African-American to vote in an election under the just-enacted provisions of the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution. How important voting is can not be over emphasized. Think about it, you are not a citizen until you _____?

This country is based on the constitution and money.
Politics is the means for managing money. That is, who you elect locally or nationally determines who can make money. They also determine who can get the peoples money. Remember the Bush no bid contracts. A person who does not vote, even with all the problems of voter suppression, does not participate in the constitution or the money flow in their community.

To my Amazement I discovered this year that I have a friend who is an author like me, an Ivy League graduate and does not "believe" in voting. I naturally went to work trying to improve his Political Cultural Health. A long story short, because of his daughter and history he took a closer look at Obama and decided to vote. But the story does not have a happy ending. He was to busy to register, then he got caught in the Bush/McCain Wall Street melt down and is looking for a job.

So in the end I failed, my friend will be sitting on the sideline unable to participate in this historic moment. A vote is a terrible thing to waste.

The good news is that African Americans have shed much blood to gain their right to vote and the number of African American voters is growing. Let's take a brief look at the history of the Black Vote.

Pre World War Three (African Holocaust)

on the continent one finds the Central Worldview (African) has utilized democratic forms of government from time immoral. The natural forms of government before the Western invasions was direct democracy is small society's and representative democracy (age groups and council of elders) in larger groups.

World War Three (Africans enslaved)

voting rights where removed by cultural anti-humanists

Eventually Africans in America aligned themselves with the Lincoln Republicans. This anti-enslavement party at that time housed most of the nation's humanists. The Democratic party was initially an anti-humanist party developed to compete with the Republican Party.

Civil War Battle

Temporary voting rights for some African Americans in some states, some times under some varying conditions

Civil Rights Battle

Voting rights of African Americans were restored by humanist like Dr. King and President Johnson.

In 1964 58% of African Americans voted however, their party affiliation had changed. The Democratic President's acting to secure the citizenship rights of African Americans drove a large percentage of Democratic cultural anti-humanists (code named Dixiecrat or social conservatives) into the Republican party. So, African Americans understanding this, voted 85% Democratic in 1964. In 1968 the African American democratic vote peaked at 92%.

Early Voting Line

The 2008 Election

The 2008 election is shaping up to break all records. With an African American running for President, the predictions run from 92 to a 99% African American Democratic vote. This is because African Americans have historically been America's moral canary regarding national elections. You will note that the majority of African Americans were against Bush in 2000 and 2004. They have judged Obama to be the right man for the job at the right time. The AA canary is once again pointing the way. This is also a historic occasion for most African Americans that benefit from age. We never thought we would see such a choice in our life times, so there is a special pride that goes along with our vote this time.

When I mention my previous article in this series - Whites Split the Vote, Charles a friend of mine reminded me today of the famous words of Malcolm X "...When Whites split the vote Blacks determine who wins..." I am sure Honorable Ancestor Malcolm is keeping a sharp eye on this one.

The question is
, has the political Cultural Health of Americans in genera and African Americans in particular improved sufficiently to put Obama over the top. As Tuesday approaches Americans and the world are holding their breath.

My hope is Obama, I will go on the record officially, with by how much, here in this column on Sunday in my traditional "Place Your Bets" article.

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