Sunday, November 16, 2008

Should Palin be Charged with Inciting to Riot?

Sarah Palin - BarbariansImage by smiteme via Flickr

What is the penalty for hollering fire in a crowded cultural theater? What should the Nation do about Palin mob type Cultural Terrorism?

At the Dawn of America, cultural humanist and anti-humanist were present. The Humanist won the war of words - The Constitution - and the anti-humanist won the war on the ground, laws enslaving other human beings to make money.

The American challenge has been to overcome its birth defect and move toward that more perfect union, despite the fact that anti-humanists live among us. This election has moved us in that direction however, to say that we have gone Post "Racial" would be over statement at best, foolhardy to the overly optimistic and downright dangerous to the President Elect and African Americans in general at worst.

I wrote about Sarah Palin's Cultural Terrorism as she committed the crimes. Click Here The good news is that it is no longer just me noting that Palin is a Cultural Terrorist, the Secret Service blames Sarah Palin for the rise in death threats against Obama Click Here. Now to be accurate it is not just Palin, McCain and Republican extreme anti-humanists are accomplices

In case you thought that Cultural Terrorism is theoretical or simply part of America's past, now even the late culturally irresponsible mainstream media is reporting that "race" crimes are spreading around the county.

This reality raises important social contract questions.

As we Americans settle into fixing the economy, ending the war in Iraq and providing Universal Sick Care for all citizens, what is to be done about the anti-humanists among us that would attempt to Culturally Terrorize TeamAmerica ?

What would you do?

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