Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is a 'RaceDar', and why does mine not work?

Everything you wanted to know about RaceDar and were afraid to ask. Jerry, a European American on Newsvine asked me this question and the following is some of the meat I put on the RaceDar bones.

My earliest note of racedar was is in 2004 in an Asian discussion group. I naturally and talking about this tool from an African American point of view but it is a general cultural health tool used by other ethnic groups. RaceDar is a word that went into the specialized Cultural Health language sometime in 2007,2008. The CamelCaps came in 2008. The radar picture, that leads this article, illustrates how this psychosocial construct might look to the minds eye. However, it should be noted that RaceDar maps may look different depending on the input. Below is a the Bigot Belt Map as presented by the New York Times showing were the Republican Party gained margin in the 2008 Election.

Hitting the Bigot Belt link will take you to the live map, were you can look at margins by state. This southern belt covers a series of states historically known to carry a high degree of Cultural Poisoning and large numbers of overt extreme anti-humanists.

See my answer to Jerry below.

"...LoL, you are funny but concise in your question.

Most Black people who live in a World War Zero Zone have built in survival instincts that alert them when they are in the presence of or hear an enemy. African Americans would be included in that group and RaceDar is a specialized word that represents the complex set of psychosocial tools contained in the context of WW0 survival instincts.

I assume you (your ancestors) were on the other side of WW0 so RaceDar would not have been handed down to you. Secondly, your life, in this lifetime, has not generally been in danger because of your ethnicity therefor you have no natural need for such a technology."

So there you have it, everything you wanted to know about RaceDar but were afraid to ask, another Newsvine first. Get Smarter here. What do you think of the answer? Do you have a RaceDar? Why? How did you get it? is it fine tuned or in disrepair? If you don't have a RaceDar, same questions. Do you need one? is your Cultural Health served by having one or at least understanding that RaceDar exist?

Yes, I know, a lot of questions, however Obama is teaching us that if we are all to play on TeamAmerica we need to ask questions of each other, be frank and think a little harder then we have in the past.

For more information and a full discussion see my MSNBC/Newsvine article of the same name.

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