Monday, November 03, 2008

Place Your Bets, Last Call – Obama v. McCain

Tuesday the Tires meet the road. Talk is over, now it will take ACTION to gain traction. This is your last call for alcohol, go on the record, SpEaK now or forever hold your piece.

The majority of the pundits say that the Democrats will blow it out. On Sunday the talking heads give the Democrats the Electoral College, the Senate and the congress. The Next President needs 538 Electoral College votes to become President Elect. I have heard Electoral College estimates from 333 – 378 for Obama. Oddly enough the 378 came from George Will a hard core conservative Republican. Estimates for the Senate are plus 5 - 8 seats and the congress gains of 21 -40.

30 million have already voted in early voting and tens of millions will go to the polls tomorrow. In the popular vote, the polls have Obama ahead double digits in some states and 6 – 7 points nationally with Obama's lead shrinking.

I was going to put up just a simple popular Poll but I have decided to have us go on the record in both the Electoral College (EC) and the Popular Vote (PV), so we get no wiggle room on Wednesday. In your comment put your EC & PV then your Senate and house prediction. Naturally I will take the lead with the first comment.

WARNING, it is possible here at Newsvine that those who bet wrong may take some heat on Wednesday. Don't forget to come back and take your beating like a man/woman as the case may be.

Electoral College Prediction

Obama 350 McCain 188

Obama 333 McCain 20

Obama 300 McCain 238

Obama 270 McCain 26

Obama Loss McCain Miracle

Other Explain

Popular Vote Prediction

Obama Blow Out

Obama 53% McCain 47%

Obama 51% McCain 49%

Obama 50% McCain 50% Runoff

Obama loses McCain Miracle

Other Explain

I am on the record with fingers crossed

EC = Obama 270 McCain 268

PV = Obama 51% McCain 49%

Senate plus 7 seats

Congress plus 28 seats

If you are one of my great, great, great, honorable grand children and this is the year 2050 or beyond, how did I do?

To vote in the live Poll go to my Newsvine column

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