Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nov 4, 2008 Will Live in Cultural Health History forever

Arguably at the founding of these United States of America, it can be said that the Nation's Cultural Health stood at zero. As of Election Day, Tuesday November 4, 2008, America's Political Cultural Health stands at 52% officially.

We have always known that African Americans will vote for their fellow Americans of different ethnic groups. Could that happen in reverse for the top office of the land was the Cultural Health question on the table. The American people have answered,
I am overjoyed like most Americans to see our nation start to come out of the Bush Dark ages and move toward the changes needed to put our country back on the right track. I could not be more shocked and pleased that my fellow Americans made their choice on the Culturally Healthy elements of character and the issues.

In case you are one of the three people on the earth that did not hear the speech. Or if you just want to hear it again.

President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago


There are many ways to tell the story of an election. I did a series on “How to Pick a President” the threads tell a story. I also did a seven part series on how different ethnic, religious and national groups were polling. I presented the numbers on Jewish Americans, Woman Voters, Latino Americans, Asian Americans European Americans, African Americans and the World Vote. Looking back on the threads the comments foretold the outcome but I was still not a believer.

In the end, the American people not only exceeded the Polls and my expectations, they exceeded my hopes.

This was not just a political election. This was a political, cultural and Ideological election. The “O” generation (18-29 years old) will drive the notion of smart government for a generation. Speaking of culture, anti-humanism in the “southern” block of states is still alive and well. This was not a surprise and a lot of Cultural Health work remains in this Republican region. What was a surprise is the fact that there was no substantial Cultural Poisoning effect (Bradley Effect). In fact, an unexpected reverse effect known as the Paper Bag Republican came into play for the first time. Simply stated, some Republicans said they would vote for McCain and actually voted for Obama, WoW!

This election has laid down a new Political Cultural Health bench mark. The country and the world are jumping for joy and freedom. Now it is time for us to roll up our sleeves.

For a great telling of the Story in pictures go to the Newseum

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