Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama Leads in The World Vote 9 to 1

Only US citizens can elect the President of the United States of America. But their now is a place in cyberspace where the world's citizens can cast a virtual vote in this historic election that will effect the world. Cast your vote from your country now. Only Two days left!

To see and use the World Magic Wall CLICK HERE

We have all seen the CNN Magic Wall showing the electoral Map of the United States. What you see in the lead picture of this article is a screen shot of the World Magic Wall showing the electoral Map of the world with five of the six continents and all the major countries.

How should you view this map? Well it is a both a vision for the future and a reality for today. Today it is a work in progress that you can participate in to make your country's view felt. No, 6 billion folks did not vote however, a percentage of the world has voted using this new tool and you can too.

It is truly remarkable the detail that you can zoom in on. You can see a pie chart of the entire world's vote. You can look at the vote by any country in the world. You can see which countries voted most. You can see who voted by gender and age. You can also look at the world or a country's opinion of the United States' People, government etc. Last but not least, you can look at the world's Top Eight issues globally or by country.

In looking at the World Magic Wall, I note three things that caught my attention. One, that virtually the whole world is Blue (for Obama). Two, Health Care which, is number one in my Top Issues list is number four in the USA Issues List.


Three, the majority of Red countries are found on the African continent and Far North Africa ("middle east"). This strikes me as odd and the reasoning behind it is probably very interesting from a Cultural Health perspective.

As we close, go to the Magic Wall look around and tell us what you noticed. Two Cultural Literacy Minutes that you should keep in mind as a reality check. First, one third of the world does not have a light switch let alone a computer, so the results must be taken with a grain of salt. Second the map that is used to represent the world, is the counterfeit map (Mercator Map) that misrepresents the relatively small island of green land, .8 million Square miles, as larger than the second largest continent Africa, at 11.9 million square miles. Cultural Poisoning is not just transmitted through words, Pictures also play a major roll in the dis-ease. The Peter's Map is the accurate map which the more Culturally Healthy organizations have adapted as their official map.

Well if these figures are any judge the world's Cultural Health is much improved. All eyes are on Tuesday in the US. If you have been following my Political Cultural Health Index series, you know the question is, what is America's real PCH Index? See you at the polls.

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