Friday, September 16, 2011

The New Miss Universe is African 2011 (Video)

Miss Universe, Leila Lopes became the first Angolan woman to win the crown. The Culturally Poisoned Miss France freaks out over Miss Angola (PHOTOS).

While Mrs. Lopes wears the crown in Brazil, the African nation rejoiced at the victory with her along with all of Africa and the more then 2 billion blacks worldwide. This is a good opportunity to learn about Angola, Africa and Cultural Poisoning. For instance there has been some discussion regarding Ms. Lopes being African Latino. She says African.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Now Miss France seems to imply she doesn't care, African, African Latino, she just was surprised that a "non makeup wearing" Black person beat her.

"Oh, and the fact that the contest was held in Brazil also played a big role -- the implication being that Angola is a former Portuguese colony like Brazil. (If that's the case then why didn't they just elect Miss Brazil!?)," Thilleman told the magazine.

Now you have to see miss Brazil to get the dog whistle code from this European. The 89 Delegates from around the world Video.
But when Leila Lopes won she said, "the win surprised her (actually she said all the contestants were surprised) and noted that Miss Angola hardly ever wore makeup
Miss Laury Thilleman must have caught some of her Cultural Poisoning from her French President who is currently attacking an African country disregarding the wishes of the African Union. Obviously her Cultural Literacy is limited otherwise she would understand that people who produce substantial amounts of melanin don't need to wear much make up like ro 

I have not seen a beauty contest in some time let alone the biggest on on the planet. What struck me is that it was more interesting then what I remember here in the US because of the remarkable international flavor and the diversity of delegates. I was especially struck by miss South Africa. I remember seeing Miss Universe back in the day and Miss South Africa was a European invader. That was the last time I watched Miss Universe.

It seems that the Cultural Health of this contest may have moved far enough forward that I enjoyed doing this story and may consider watching it in the future. There current Miss Universe is truly an international beauty with a positive spirit. 10 Photos

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