Sunday, September 11, 2011

Serena Williams Beats #1 Tennis Player in the world (Great Photo)

Arguably the greatest tennis player in the history of woman's tennis comes back from the grave to beat the Tennis establishment's #1 ranked Player. You got to see this picture of the win, what a shot!

Now, that is what I call a happy camper

This from a woman, due to a freak accident,  had to have two surgerys on her right foot which, is still not perfect. Had to take allopathic drugs that probably caused a blood clot that almost killed her and had bleeding under the skin in stomach, talk about back from the grave. When someone says they are happy to be alive this is the picture all human beings should see, Wow!

To be effective in the face of any challenge one must be happy. Our Ancestors in Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) defined happiness as peace and joy.  Peace is the natural state of being. It is the emotion of Amen and Ausar, not the negative emotions like anger, fear, regret, revenge, anxiety etc.  Joy (Kemetic Ra, Chinese Qi and Indian Kundalini) is the life force that gets things done in the world.

If you study Yoga or not you and I must learn to use this force. There in lies the ancient lesson of sports.

The most effective players in life find the joy. Djokovic had it earlier in the day as he moved on to the men's final. Let me set the stage, Nadal is up two sets to one. They are in the third set, if Nadal wins this set, it is game set and match. Djokovic's challenge is that he is facing the most important point of the match to this point. What is on his face, is it anger, fear, no, it is JOY (a smile). In the video, look closely at his face at 0:13. Seconds. At thirteen seconds into the video a smile breaks out on Djokovic's face as he faces this do or die opportunity.

Everyone who watched the match saw this moment. The commentators commented on it, for those who were paying attention with their hart it was an insightful moment.

Let's Go To The Video Tape:

Did you notice animals don't smile, that capacity is reserved to us. Our ancestors understood and taught their initiates the importance being able to create peace and joy instantly, especially in the face of challenge. It is good to see some of their decedents still retain this skill.

Real champions have this joy (smile) and you can see it if you look closely.

So when you meditate tonight take the Williams and Djokovic Joy into the meditation with you and add it to your goals so that you to may be effective in facing your challenges.


Speaking of getting things done, take a look at the intersection of politics and tennis.

P.S. this video will probably not last on YouTube forever. You will probably  be able to google a pic of the famous Djokovic smile by then.

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