Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis's Killing And Clarence Thomas's Cultural Treason.

  Yes the Supreme Court and Parole Board failed in their moral obligation to justice, and the death penalty should be ended. However, there is also a Cultural Health aspect of last nights events that needs some light. Troy Davis's Killing is Another Example of Clarence Thomas's Cultural Treason.

A modern replay of the man in the house failing to help the one outside

Troy Davis's killing by the culturally unhealthy state of Georgia is a classic example of why we must end the death penalty.This is especially true in the Old Dirty South which, has a long history of killing innocent African Americans in relation to the death of European Americans (Black on White Crime) especially with regard to White women and cops. 

Unfortunately the American injustice system is alive and well to the Discredit of our nation. For those who might take exception to my dirty south reference I would remind you of those who just cheered at the killing of more then 200 Texas citizens executed under Republican candidate Perry. The Georgia Governor, DA, judges and their prison system play to the cheers of such an old South Colosseum type crowd. This should be a reminder to all that the  sons and daughters of the criminally insane enslavers walk among us today.

I signed the petitions for a Davis retrial over the years and fought with the tools I had in my hands.  followed the live Democracy Now coverage on the ground in Georgia from before 7pm and their expanded coverage.  Amy Goodman did an outstanding job. I turned to CNN which had some Republican crap on. I then turned to MSNBC who was doing remarkably good coverage of this breaking news, from show to show Maddow, Big Ed everyone carried it. This was a challenging night in front of a Georgia prison in the now infamous town of Jackson called the "Diagnostic"  Prison. It should have been called the Georgia cotton killing fields prison. Last night was a bitter pill. My condolences to the family.Here are video excepts of what took place last night from and with the people who where there.

Let's Go To the Video Tape
Now that you have seen the video let's get to some of the cultural health aspects of Wednesday's events. Once again Clarence Thomas has an opportunity to do justice and he chose "law" over justice. That is, as I understand it the Supreme Court has no "Legal" obligation to stop the Georgia killing but there was a moral obligation that they failed to discharge. Mr. Thomas who is from Georgia, in my opinion could have pressed the "justices" on the bench and they would have followed his lead but he did not lead.

Mr. Thomas who is infamous in the AA community for his acts of Cultural Treason, like his writing the sole opinion against African Americans voting. It is unfortunate his dis-ease is still with him as he demonstrated again last night.

While no self-respecting AA will touch Mr. Thomas with a 10 foot pole, we must be sure to continue to shed light on his crimes against his community. It has been 20 years that this treasonous individual has spit evil for the highest "court" in the land.  What is his record regarding AA's and other citizens. Let this incident also be a Cultural Poisoning teaching moment for our youth on exactly what not to do for your community. For the larger community, you should take note that one who turns on his own will turn on you with even less remorse. History records Thomas's vote to make corporations people, next he will vote to make people 3/5th of a corporation.

Finally, The Texas man who dragged and AA to death was killed last night. While it was good that this state with a reputation for cultural criminal insanity as widespread as Georgia and Mississippi actually caught and convicted  Cultural Terrorists. The wrong notion of justice also caused Lawrence Russell Brewer's killing.  Cultural Health in Taxes is not improved by vengeance killing. I would rather see ten guilty men get life then have the state kill one innocent human being.

Our ancestors from the time of Classical African Civilization, Kemet, (Ancient Egypt/Nubia) to this day tell us that the objective of justice is not revenge but the restoration of Ma'at. Mr. Davis in his last words blessed those misguided soles that would actually execute his killing. We must take a lead from his spirit as we continue his and his family's fight and our fight to restore Ma'at which, is our legacy.

Last night was a considerable challenge to maintaining Hetep and its attendant joy which, is our nature. RIP Troy Davis honorable Ancestor. Tua Neteru for this opportunity to maintain Hetep and pay respect to our fallen brother.


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