Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Every Church Should Feel like

Imagine if you could see through your church. Spirituality should be a clear blueprint through which the initiate can see his movement on the path and that of her fellows.  

I don't usually do Art. I do Cultural Health, Physical Health and Technology. But this Sunday (sun's day) this art spoke to all three of the things I do. Enjoy in peace and happiness.

elgian Architects Craft Dazzling See-Through Church By Priscilla Frank
In the Information Age, "transparency" has rapidly become a buzzword, with calls for transparency in government, in business and even in church. Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh may have been taking that last example literally when they constructed a see-through chapel titled 'Reading Between the Lines' in Limburg, Belgium.

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