Friday, September 30, 2011

Cultural Poisoning in Latin America

This is a good history lesson and look at modern Latin America for those who have not been their. Brazil for instance is the fastest growing economy's in the Western hemisphere and it is 80% Black. What are Blacks doing there.
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Cultural Poisoning in Latin America

Symptoms of Cultural Poisoning in Latin America and what to do about it

This article is motivated by the PBS series Blacks in Latin America, by Henry Luis Gates jr. The Article examines the relative National Cultural Health of four Latin American Nations. I focus on not just the symptoms of Cultural Poisoning in African Latinos, Multi-ethnic Latinos and European Latinos but we take a look at the author himself Dr. Gates

There are four episodes each one is an hour.  Gates starts with Haiti and the Dominican republic, then goes to Cuba and Brazil, ending with the last episode Mexico and Peru. I will post/and or link to each episode in this article and add my cultural commentary as I watch them. 

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