Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jelly Fish Stings Force Nyad to Halt Cuba to Florida Swim

Hetep and Respect Diana Nyad, What a remarkable story and feat of fitness. 103 miles she has done 49 almost 1/2 way there, who. She is an inspiration.

I am just a bit older then Nyad, and swim most days 2 to 4 times a day in the summer. In the winter I cut back to 2 three times a week. I was debating if I should swim 1 hour a day or 1/2 hour. Nyad just made up my mind. 1 hour it is.

The stats are amazing 50+ strokes per minute. I never counted but I will watch one of my training video and figure it out.

I must be sure to use her fine example in my 60+ LifeRcise project. No time like the present I just did. see one minute video of Nyad (added to my swimming 60+ play list.
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Diana Nyad Quits Swimming Marathon After Jelly Fish Stings Worsen

Diana Nyad has ended her swim from Cuba to Florida after doctors warned her that any more man o’ war stings could prove to be life threatening.
Diana Nyad
Nyad had become swollen in her face and body as the jellyfish continued to pound her during the record breaking swim. According to team member Vanessa Linsley she wasn’t happy about claiming defeat:
The 62-year-old swimmer completed 49 out of 103 miles through the Florida Straits and at one point she cut eye and mouth holes through a swimmers cap to avoid more stings.

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