Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trickle uP Economics Video and InforGraphic

This is the simple one page graph from the Ed Show on MSNBC that shows how Republican Trickle Down Economics actually works on the ground. It has become famous and a powerful tool in the 2012 Election. Even more important are the details behind the one pager as shown in  InfoGrapic.

Lets Go to the Video Tape

Now the most important thing to know about this chart from a Cultural Health point of view is that 1980 is when Barry Goldwater's hand picked Republican front man Ronald Reagan was elected President.  You will recall that Mr. Goldwater was a White Supremacist and father of the Republican/Libertarian conservative movement. In 1964 he ran for President on the States Rights Platform" (Southern Cultural Terrorist dog whistle code) against Linden Johnson to stop the progress of African Americans. He voted against the 1964 civil rights act and lost to President Johnson. He was reported to be the grand wizard of the KKK and went to his grave unapologetic with his cultural dis-ease.

Ronald Reagan was picked by Goldwater because had the same fundamental "States Rights" ideology as his mentor but more acceptable spin. A Cultural Terrorist without the sheets. Reagan said "I didn't leave the Democratic party, they left me" a standard  Southern dog whistle code that described the Cultural Terrorists that left the Democratic party after the 1960 takeover by the liberals and the inclusion of AA's. Reagan was simply saying I came to take over the Republican party for the same reason you democrats in Mississippi did.

Reagan opposed civil rights legislation, saying "If an individual wants to discriminate against "Negroes" or others in selling or renting his house, it is his right to do so".
You will note Mr. Reagan started his "States Rights" presidential campaign - 

by declaring "I believe in states' rights," in Philadelphia, Mississippi, known at the time for the murder of three civil rights workers who had been trying to register African-Americans to vote during the civil rights movement.
Source: wikipedia

This was not an accident, and we see it today in the Tea Party Republican's continued voter suppression not just of AA, but now Latino Americans, the poor, union workers, etc.

I provided this Cultural Literacy reminder to point out that the 2012 election is not just about Reaganomics (Reverse Robin Hood) failing which, the coming infographic demonstrates. Some Americans have been duped into believing that hater's only do harm to the people they hate, wrong. Hitler, the poster child of Cultural Poisoning left unchecked, proved that haters can literally destroy a nation for money and power if they can dupe low information voters.

If you are a low information voter let's go to the InfoGraphic so you won't be anymore. The 2012 Election battle cry should be Remember 1980. Reagan was against medicare and Unions he slipped the first attack on the Air Traffic controller's union under the political radar. The TeaPublicans are against the same things today. If you are a worker, don't let anyone trick your emotions into voting in a way your A$$ (pardon my French) has to pay for. Look at the facts and vote your self-interests.

The simple chart and the InfoGraphic answers the question, should the Rich pay their fair share. If you are going to be angry at people be angry at those who have been picking the workers pockets.

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