Wednesday, September 14, 2011

President Obama's Jobs Speech 2011 (video full text + Infographics)

In case you missed the speech, here is the full speech with all the bells and whistles. The most remarkable inforgraphic of the set is the Republican vs. Democrat job creation infographic.

Lets Go To The Video Tape

  Full Text:

 This was a timely outstanding detailed presentation of the President's plan to pull the Bush Bus the rest of the way out of the Republican recession ditch and make a down payment on our future. Previously he proposes a Buy American initiative. Now he has propose a Jobs initiative. What have the Republicans done for you lately.

 The Republicans have been in control of the House of Representatives for more then 250 days and have failed to propose to the president, or the American people, one single jobs bill. They have failed to create one single job. Now they might claim that they were just new and incompetent Teabags and did not know what to do, so the smart leader that we the America people hired has sent them a Jobs Bill.

  The ball is in the Republican congress court all they have to do is pass it. Or they can pass their own version of the Jobs Bill. However, if they fail to pass any jobs bill quickly they will be blamed for their failure to help America and will pay at the polls in 2012. Our leader has done his job and he has advised us as to how we can do our job, call, email, tweet our congress person and tell them to pass The American Jobs Act now.

If the Leader has done his job and we the people have done our job then all that is left is for the third leg of the three legged stool, the Congress to do its job. Let's put America back to work! Mr. President, not that I do not have faith in our Republican congress, but I think you need a plan B. If the congress fails again to act in a timely fashion to create jobs. I would use one executive order a month starting in January 2012 to launch a new jobs initiate and let them stew in their own soup. We the people are smarter then the Republicans think. We will know what to do in November, It they provide NO jobs for us, we will return the favor.

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