Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dems vs Repubs Job Creation InfoGraphic & Poll

Want to know who is creating jobs and when? Here it is on one picture not a lot of words. Want to Know What Americans think of the American Job Act This poll has the answers. 

The secret to keeping this (the above job growth) is that (changing the congressional graphic below in 2012.

Make the 113th congress a pro jobs congress so our President can work with the new team we send him to put America back to work NOW and prepare the country to win the future.

So, the really numbers on the street are more like 80% 20%

Now one of the Republican Poll fronts Gallop, did a Poll to try to spin the American Jobs Act into the "Obama Jobs Act" but they proved the opposite of what their transparent Culturally Poisoned southern dog whistle poll was intended to prove. See the following MSNBC/Newsvine story for full details and an extended discussion.

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