Monday, October 03, 2011

700 99% Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge in My Hometown - Occupy Wall St Grows

700 ninety nine percenters were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge in my home town. If you believe that I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. It was more like out of control police tricked entraped and attacked the peaceful 99% protesters. (Video)

Rudy Aunk Occupy Wall Street Objectives

 The Unions are realizing that their pensions are in this Bush and the forty thieves unregulated gambling house.

Wall street has become a worthless parasitic pile of crap. The people (99%) must put it/them (1%) back under our control.

WallStreet 3 Point Reform Plan

1. Tax on all transactions (Stocks and Bonds only instruments allowed)

2. 90% Tax on Speculation (long term investing is OK)

3. Bank Reform: To include hunting down Banksters and their collaborators like Jews hunted down Nazis and bring them to justice. 

Visit and do what you can, 99% on the risE!

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