Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The New Apple Iphone 4S is OK but I am Disappointed I Think

The Iphone 4S has most of the things I wanted and expected and I will pre-order on Friday October 7th, but the long wait, the poor build up and lackluster presentation was disappointing.
This is a PDA, do you know what it is?

The good news is if you had Iphone 4 and needed 1080i, 64 geg and/or more power for games you got it. If you don't need these things keep your 3gs or 4 because with IOS 5 on oct 7th you will get AirPlay and the Icloud free which, is the real big deal.

If you wanted a free Iphone you are also in luck the 3gs is now free with a contract.

Why am I disappointed, well maybe it is because my expectations, a built in 3D holographic LED micro projector, were beyond what is practical for now. What I really wanted was the ability to get what is on my little screen onto my big screen. AirPlay my be a far more effective and flexible solution, given the state of today's technology, then an LED solution. Not to mention, it cost less $99 HD apple TV and your Iphone remains your game controller, like with Real Racing 2 or Xplane. Verses a $300 LED Projector (which can not fit in a phone today).

Well look at that, I may have talked myself into not being that disappointed after all. Mr. Gates and the team may have understood what I wanted better then I did, and found the most practical way to deliver it over existing bullet proof technology.

Last but not least, what I first saw as evolutionary may in fact be revolutionary. That is the Siri thingee. Remember, there was no streaming so I, like everyone who was not at the announcement, was watching the live blogging (text slid pics). Siri went on last and that was the first ooo's and aaa's that came from this tough tech savey crowd of hard nose, I seen every thing, folks.

What I did not realize, until just now, is that Siri unites voice and artificial intelligence in a way that creates a powerful PDA in a hand held device for only the 2nd time in history. Mr. Gates was at the bottom of both of these two events and once again is so far out in front of the innovation curve most apple watchers including many inside apple will not get it until after the Iphone 4S ships and the customer astonishment reports start pouring in.

Gates may have just out flanked Google. I bet my bottom dollar that Siri is a knowledge bot based technology theory that I first became aware of 20 years ago and has been Googl's secret weapon. I am going to away now to read every thing in can find on it and I will get back to you as I get my 4S. Stay tuned.

The story below broke minutes before show time
Amplify’d from www.idownloadblog.com
Only hours before Apple’s actual announcement, the folks over at The Next Web just dropped the bomb on what Apple has planned for the iPhone today.
According to the site’s trusted sources inside Apple, the iPhone 4S will be launched today with a 8 megapixel camera, A5 processor, 1 GB of RAM, “improved optics,” and a “more accurate differential GPS stage.” The iPhone 5 ‘teardrop’ design that Apple was rumored to unveil won’t be released this year.
Read more at www.idownloadblog.com

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