Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unbelievable: Halle Berry Celebrated Her 45th Birthday in a Bikini

How to stay healthy after 50 or marriage / fame. These young ladies look fit as a fiddle.

Also check out the 60+ crowd on the men's side. The men prove that these young ladies will look just as good when they move past 60. It is amazing what the right lifeRcise program can do for you quality of life as we age.

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These wrinkle-free stars prove age is just a number.

(Photo by Getty Images, Pacific Coast News)

It's hard to believe, but Madonna just turned 53, Halle Berry just celebrated her 45th birthday in a bikini, and Heather Locklear is getting ready for the big 5-0. Check out which other wrinkle-free celebs look a fraction of their age here.

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