Sunday, October 09, 2011

If You Missed The New iPhone 4S Announcement Here it is (Full Slide Set & Video)

If you find both the slides to Apples' key secret you win an Iphone, just kidding. In fact there is no need to win an Iphone you can just go to At&T, who I pre-ordered my 4S(teve) through and they will give you a FREE Iphone 3gs with a 2 year contract.

I don't know about you but there are all kinds of prices and objections to prices, but FREE, is FREE!
Their is now no reason for anyone planing to get a contract phone not to have an Iphone, the industry's gold standard.

This changes everything, again!

Below are to videos 1. the announcement in 90 seconds 2. the full announcement video
Lets Go To the Video Tape
Talk about fast and covering all the bases that was good for the short on time.

If you have time, see the full announcement video here

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If You Missed The New iPhone 4S Announcement Here it is (Full Slide Set)

There are two slides in this Apple October 4th press conference announcement of the Iphone 4S that hold the secret to its planed domination of the woldwide market. The 5% slide featured here is one of them, can you find the other one?
Hint it is a picture of something new that has never been seen in a handheld consumer device and puts 4S(teve) ahead of all competition for 2 to 5 years. Hint, this single picture will become as well known as the "Apple" in the Apple trade mark, even when it is associated with someone else's product.
  • To see the slid show hit the link below

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