Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Will Iphone 4S Make the Google Droid A Simi-Smart Phone (Poll)

Sprint Sells Out of Its Cheapest iPhone 4S

At&T sold 200,000 in first 12 hours reports the best launch ever

Apple reports 1,000,000 sold on first day beating its 600,000 record last year.

P.S. I am in that first million (phones were overloaded at apple on the first day but I got through to AT&T).

Apple on line sells out of stock then started up again with what looks like one to two week back order delivery expectation.

In my home town NYC there are three people on line at 5th Ave Store for Friday deliveries now.

How much you want to bet this is the hottest Christmas phone gift for young people. One of my grandson's is already collecting donations for his Iphone Christmas gift,lol. This is wild the great Jobs does it again.

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Will Iphone 4S Make the Google Droid A Simi-Smart Phone (Poll)

On Friday when the new Iphone is launched,if it is now the only phone with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), do all droids and other non-A.I. Phones instantly become simi-smart?
What do you see?
Did Steve Jobs leave us another Ipod class revolution in sheep's clothing? Read what the most of the Technical "experts" have been saying about the features and benefits of 4S, nice but not a 5, have they missed the boat or is it me. 
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