Thursday, October 20, 2011

Droid is the Same As Iphone - You Can't Be Sirious (Poll)

Google Just made their big 4.0 announcement, is it a game changer or just more Iphone cloning?

I like the face lock feature. Apple this is something you should clone from the other side. putting all the connections in contacts is also a good feature.
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Droid is the Same As Iphone - You Can't Be Sirious (Poll)

I ran into a friend who had a droid. After I offered my condolences, he told me that the salesperson who sold it to him, did not sell the Iphone he asked for, but assured him the droid was a smart phone the "SAME" as the Iphone. With shock and dismay, like my tennis hero John Mcenroe, I said, you can't be Sirious!
That should read who's got the Iphone +[;-)
I then went on to explain to my locked in for two years unhappy Droid friend about Siri (Job's Personal Assistant That learns) and the general position of Apple and the Seven Droids (like IBM and the 7 Dwarfs). The good news is, now that Iphone is carried by more carriers, there will be less to of this bait and switch happening to the poor clueless customer. 

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