Friday, October 14, 2011

Breaking News My Iphone 4S shipped ETA 10:30 AM EST

AT&T must be taking a page from Apple's Retail customer service genius book. I did not expect it till Monday.

When it gets here I will update U, up close and personal, blow by blow.

The 4S got here one half an hour early at 10:01 Am THANK YOU AT&T you are the big story of the day, maybe even bigger then Apple. I have everything restored to my 4S Cloud is working hardware software is OK. Now to activate the phone.

Hold the phone, I just called AT&T to activate my phone and they tell me they did not activate it properly and I should go to my local AT&T store for help or send it back and they will send me a new one with the right activation, fat chance I will be sending this phone back.

OK. I got someone who seems to know what they are doing and they sent me to the IVR system for automatic activation. Now that sounds reasonable, we will see? Stand by 

Success we are activated. AT&T was not the problem as I later discovered in the bottom of the box was the one page activation instructions WHICH I DID NOT READ. The process does not require humans and it bullet proof. If you get humans involved they will screw it up. My Bad.

I giver AT&T and A (except for the woman from hell who told me to send it back, lol) That you can get human beings from America at AT&T is actually a big pulse for us customers that don't read instructions,

Now onto see how my friend who ordered through Apple on-line. Then testing out Siri and AirPlay.

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